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Unit 1_Study Guide

Unit 1_Study Guide


  • CONDENSED, but VERY DETAILED study content for: 
    • Unit 1: Human Development, Diversity, & Behavior in the Environment
  • Test-taking tips & strategies
  • Study Skills AssessmentSavvy
  • Secrets to taking the exam
  • A breakdown of the main theories that you will need to know for the exam
  • A simplified way to learn and retain defense mechanisms
  • Defense mechanisms quiz
  • Note sections 
  • Relevant LGBTQ information needed for the most updated exam
  • How to answer Unit 1: Human Development questions
  • 25 Practice Questions w/rationales
  • A Knowledge Assessment of your progress
  • Exam Content

    This study guide is for ALL Social Work exams.

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After failing the ASWB exam twice, I knew I had to find a different strategy. I purchased this ASWB exam planner & almost IMMEDIATELY felt so relieved when I began to look through it. It helped me get organized & focus on all NECESSARY basics!

Rachel M.

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