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After your initial 90 days have expired, this is a one-time fee for indefinite access to the course until you pass. 

After purchasing, I will receive notification of your purchase and manually re-enroll you. This is NOT an automatic re-enrollment. Please allow at least 24 hours. You will receive notification when your request has been fulfilled.


DISCLAIMER: Please do not purchase more than 1 day before your course expires. The course cannot be extended until it officially expires. 


SN: The extension fee is $25. The site will charge you $19 + a $6 shipping cost (which there is no shipping). I just adjusted the cost of fee to ensure that you do not pay more than the $25 extension fee. 


NO REFUNDS will be issued!


    Order your exam study planner today!

    After failing the ASWB exam twice, I knew I had to find a different strategy. I purchased this ASWB exam planner & almost IMMEDIATELY felt so relieved when I began to look through it. It helped me get organized & focus on all NECESSARY basics!

    Rachel M.

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